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Unified Communications: It’s time.

In addition to the benefits of a quality engineered hosted system, the entire focus of a business grade voice system is to accommodate the various ways we all communicate and collaborate. Staffers have emails, faxes, and their personal cell phone communications to keep up with (along with their office voicemail) and the “holy grail” is a term called Unified Messaging where the inbox, or a central dashboard, are both central and universal for all of it.

Most companies today, with a blend of executive, office administration, and sales staff, want to enhancing how their employees work together. Unified Communications can offer measurable dollar-based improvements in productivity as voice is only one element of the equation, and the system that is deployed for voice needs to speak to all the others.

Enabling every computer at your company to participate both from the perspective of seeing who is available, when, and if they are able to take a call or not, including the ability to chat in real time using the instant messaging offered on our desktop client will prove invaluable, both for saving time, and for upholding professionalism while communicating internally.

Call Management Desktop Software (Click to Call, Presence, Instant Messaging)

Our desktop call management application offers huge time savings over even the smallest user base as it greatly speeds up the time to manage and process calls. While each call may save only 30-40 seconds of processing time, over an entire year the productivity in dollar labour is substantial. The system offers screen based 1-click dialing of extensions, frequently used numbers and call transfers with simple mouse clicks to transfer calls between desk phone and mobile phones or to other co-workers.  There is no additional monthly cost to use the software after it is licensed and it is available for Mac, PC and Terminal server based systems.

Email, Visual Voicemail, Instant Message Integration

The call management software also allows for integration of instant messaging so that coworkers can have a variety of ways to communicate (email, instant message and voicemail) and visual voicemail in which individual voice messages can be played back on the phone with a single mouse click. We can integrate any Jabber compliant instant messaging server (such as Google Talk), however, in most cases we will deploy one for you.

CRM Integration

Voxter can integrate with or without our desktop call manager application with many major CRM software solutions, in a multi platform environment.  We can provide both click-to-call from a web browser session, as well as Screen Pop functionality on incoming calls, so you can have information about your caller ready immediately, wether you are calling them, or they are calling you.

Feature Breakdown

Each of our systems is priced and featured according to our Seat-based model.  Each organization requires one “Enterprise” seat – this is the primary seat that embodies your organization as a whole.  Think of it as a virtual PBX – except instead of being in a back room bolted to a wall, it exists in our data centers.  That system itself is dedicated just for your organization, and you receive full access to manage it yourself if you wish to, but we do offer this as a co-managed service.  With co-managed service, we will take care of any and all requests on your behalf if you don’t wish to, don’t feel comfortable, or simply don’t have the time.  We also maintain backups on your behalf, provide realtime redundancy and failover of the system, and keep it always up to date.  Its something we like to call “Future Proofing” so you never have to worry about your phone and communications systems ever again!

Enterprise Seat (without Instant Messaging):
  • Nightly Backups
  • Full Call Detail Reporting and Statistics Engine
  • Call Queue Reporting web interface, including access to recorded calls, per-agent statistics, SLA reports, average wait time, etc.  Reports are viewable from a browser, mobile device, and exportable to PDF, XLS, CSV or Email.  Reports may be automatically scheduled to be delivered daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • 24x7x365 Customer Support via Telephone and Email
  • Global Load Balancing and Redundancy
  • Automatic Failover to external number should your extension(s) or site(s) become unreachable.
  • IVR Auto Attendants (Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support etc.)
  • System Wide and per-extension One Touch Call Recording
  • Intelligent ACD Call Routing
  • Unlimited Custom Music or Message on Hold
  • Dial-by-Name Directory
  • Click 2 Call Website Integration
Enterprise Seat (with Instant Messaging)
  • Everything from Standard Enterprise Seat PLUS
  • Jabber/XMPP-based Instant Messaging Chat Server (plus, chat transcript logging if desired)

You’ll notice that you have an option for including and instant messaging server on your enterprise seat.  This allows your organization to take advantage of company-wide instant messaging if this is not something you currently use, either from inside of our own desktop Call Manager application, or in your instant messaging client of choice.


End-User Seat Selection:

Listed below is a comprehensive list of features that are bundled inside of each of our end-user seat types.  Some users in your organization may require more, or less features, so we’ve broken it down for you into three major categories:


Standard Seat:
  • Full Suite of on-phone Applications including Conference Call Manager, Presence, Visual Voicemail, CRM Popup and more
  • Unlimited North American Long Distance
  • Advanced Voicemail (with Voicemail-to-Email and Web based Voicemail access)
  • DID (Direct Inward Dial) Phone Number
  • End-User Extension Settings/Call History Web Interface
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Transfer
  • Three way Calling
  • Distinctive Ring
  • Custom Music on Hold
  • Click 2 Dial Call Control (if using Voxter Call Manager)
  • Google/Exchange Contacts Integration
Premium / Executive Seat:
  • All Basic Features Plus…
  • Find Me – Follow Me (one number for all your phones)
  • Hot Desking (aka log in/out of your phone to another without moving the phone)
  • Queue Member Participation (e.g. Sales/Support Call Queues)
  • Mobile Bridge (Softphone, iOS, Android, Cell Phone)
  • iOS (iPhone/iPad) device Integration
  • Remote Office/Work At Home Integration
  • CRM Screen-Pop  Integration
  • 1 Touch Call Recording
Common Area Seat:
  • Outbound Local Calling Only
  • No Inbound Calling (DID)
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