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What’s life at Voxter like?

Collaboration, innovation, and a results focused atmosphere.

The team at Voxter has been growing steadily year over year.  We take the time to get to know potential hires before they join the team, because for us it’s more than just a place to work.  First and foremost, we hire for culture fit.  As a result, everyone on the team works really well together.  No one person carries the torch, and we certainly refuse to suffer “brilliant jerks”.

When you’re on our team, we share our successes and we learn from our failures. We’re always looking to add exceptional talent to our team. We’re always on the look out for passionate, talented people who are looking for something ‘different’.

We aren’t an ordinary telecom company, and we don’t expect you to be ordinary either.

Sound interesting?  Keep reading – maybe you’ll find what you’ve been looking for.  If so, reach out, we would love to hear from you.


Challenge and Inspiration

Voxter really values me as an individual. The company offers incredible growth opportunities, learning experiences, and self-directed work structure. I have the freedom to see projects to completion using the strategies I see fit and to dedicate some of my time to projects outside the roadmap that I think are valuable. The culture and team is amazing – the people here feel more like close friends than colleagues.

– Daniel,  Senior Software Developer

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Our Culture

“Our People & Culture team is different from other HR teams – our mission is to give our people the best possible opportunity to do their best possible work in an environment that they love.”

Robyn Dutton -People & Culture Manager

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Innovative & Fast Paced

I genuinely love working at Voxter. It’s an innovative, fast paced environment that encourages growth and development. Plus…. dogs.

Danica Mueller – Customer Success Hero

Telecom companies

We focus on results – getting things done, and done well. On a bean bag chair, with a dog on your lap? Works for us!



Career opportunities at Voxter

  • Director of Engineering

    Engineering | 2018

    Are you the up and coming, uncharted, visionary product maker, project management nailer, straight up target terminating, trailblazing, all-in-one no excuse maker that we’ve been looking for? We’re on the hunt for an ambitious technical leader who will use experience to build effective scalable processes, and mentor aspiring talent.

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  • Marketing Coordinator

    Sales | 2018

    We’re looking for a sharp, tenacious, dynamic marketing maverick to join our team. We need you to dominate in our space, get out there and tell the world who we are, and what sets us apart!
    A passionate firecracker, you’re not afraid to have a voice, and you can’t wait to tell people what makes us stand out from the crowd.

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  • Senior Technical Customer Success Specialist

    Success | 2018

    We’re looking for senior level VoIP support technician, who can step in as our Senior Technical Customer Success Specialist (say that 5 times fast!) You’re a smart, critical thinker who is able to pick things up quickly and you’re eager to share your wisdom and experience with our technical success team.

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  • Director of Sales

    Sales | 2018

    We're looking for a trailblazer in sales, you’ll build out our strategy, our team, and inspire through your own success. Armed with a product fresher than a Bel-Air prince as your arsenal, your drive and your passion for sales, we want you to conquer the world of business communications with your indomitable team.

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