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Say goodbye to lock-in and upsell.

Nothing frustrates customers more than buying a new piece of technology – wether it’s a phone, a car, a TV… And then finding out that in order to use it the way the really wanted requires an upgrade, or additional parts, or worse – replacing with an entirely new product that costs twice as much! Telecom has been plagued by this for years. Want to add voicemail? That’ll cost you. Want remote workers? Open that wallet. Not anymore!

Voxter’s hosted CloudPBX is the first true future-proof hosted phone system, and thus the last phone system you’ll ever need to buy. Because we host your system in the cloud, we constantly deliver new features, new updates, and they’re ALWAYS included in your per-seat price. We make it extremely easy for you to both budget and determine what feature sets you need. It’s as simple as a click away, and all of our features, from basic features such as Call Forwarding, 3-Way Calling, Voicemail, and more – all the way up to Call Center features like Call Recording, Automatic Call Distribution, and rich statistics – all in exactly the same system.

We’ve also made it easy to budget for with our simple per-seat pricing models. Each user on our hosted CloudPBX platform is assigned a seat type, and has a set amount that you pay per user, per month – no more surprising usage fees, no more unexpected upgrade costs



Most used in Client Areas, Kitchens, Boardrooms, and low use areas.

  • Dial-out Only


Our most common seat type. Some of the most popular features are:

  • Direct DID Included
  • Unlimited* Long Distance
  • Voicemail-to-Email
  • Google/Exchange Integration
  • Web User Portal


For power users. Includes all features from Standard Seat and:

  • Follow-Me
  • Call Queues
  • Mobile Integration
  • Remote Worker Support
  • Advanced Reporting

Leasing Options

We offer full leasing packages through our partnership with MCAP leasing and Simply Financial. Both offer attractive terms and can also include ALL startup costs, not just hardware!

We accept many forms of payment

Cheque, Money Order, Bank Wire, ACH, as well as the following:
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